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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sorority Sisters: Be Uniquely Greek Giveaway!!

 Greek "Jack Tag" (oblong, chain inc) and "Kate Stamps (round; available in pewter and gold)
If you are loving (or loved) college as much as I did, you will want to pledge your loyalty to your sorority by wearing JK's new Greek tags!  Jewel Kade makes it easy to keep your sorority sisters close to your heart when you wear a Greek "Kate Stamp" or "Jack Tag", both hand-made in the USA.  I know they're both darling, but which one caught your eye first?!  Decide if you prefer the oblong pewter "Jack Tag" ($29, includes 26" ball chain) or the Kate stamp in silver or gold ($21).  Make it more your own by adding a pearl, your birthstone or school colors; go a step further and add one of our keepsake charms or mini birthstone rings!  To see all JK has to offer, visit our website at!  Want it all for free?  Keep reading to find out how! 
Choose your favorite add-on to personalize it even more!
One of my personal favorite combos?  Gold Kate Stamp with your sorority added to a Jack tag with the words "Forever Sisters" or your school name (i.e. "Cougar Pride") or your chapter or sorority nickname (i.e. "A Chi O" or "Tri-Delts").  Add a gold or silver heart and a mini birthstone ring and you're set!  The possibilities are endless--be uniquely Greek!!!

A Pearl and Keepsake charm adds just the right touch, don't you think?!

Ok, if you've made it this far, you've obviously caught the JK bug and want to know how to get these for free!  Here's how: 

1.  Get your sorority friends (or any jewelry lovin' folk!) together and show them this gorgeous jewelry.  You can browse it all easily on the JK website.  While you're there, pick out which free gift you'd like on p. 6-7!  If you'd like me to send you a hard copy of the catalog, just comment below!
2.  Start collecting orders!  Collect $250 or more of orders and you'll receive 10% in free JK plus your free gift (a minimum of $25 free)!  In addition, you'll be able to purchase other items at 1/2 off!  Collect $1000, get  15% in free JK, a minimum of $150 FREE!  See the breakdown of what you can get on p 6-7 in the catalog.  Make your wishlist and work hard to get it all filled!
3.  After you have all their orders and payment information (inc #, ex date, and cvv code), email me at or call me at 208-724-7397.  I'll individually gift wrap them up and ship it directly to you.  You'll then pass the orders out to your friends and see them giddy with excitement!!
4.  Do all this and get entered into my mondo Greek Giveaway for those excited enough to share this jewelry!  Each "virtual hostess" between now and December 5th will get entered to win $100 of JK of their choice!  Contact me today to make this happen, winner will be announced on this blog!  See how easy and rewarding it can be to share the JK love!

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