You gotta admit, it's gorgeous!!


Thursday, 31 March 2011

JK has something for everyone!

No matter who you are, what your age, what your style, Jewel Kade has something that will speak to you.  Guaranteed.  Don't believe me?  Take the "JK challenge" and browse the catalog yourself to see if the word "cute" doesn't escape your pursed lips!!

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Don't forget Grandma on Mother's day!!

It's true: Grandma's are mom's too.  Let's remember them this Mother's Day and cherish their "Legacy of Love" with a special charm from Jewel Kade.  If you wanted to get real personal, add a birthstone ring for
each grandchild (see my previous posts for pictures of those adorable gems!).  But in the case of my own mother, adding 23 of those might be a bit much!!

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Express yourself and be your own YOU with Jewel Kade!

The "Bee" charm is a top seller, and for good reason!  First of all, who can resist the "queen bee" and all that implies on the front?  Janet Kinkade, the designer, is very eloquent at pairing whimsical notions with quippy phrases on the back.  Irresistable, I tell you!!!  But what I love most about Jewel Kade is the fact that how you can mix and match the different charms and necklaces to make your own unique combination.  Add a small pewter charm or birthstone, and suddenly you've created something that fits you perfectly (and is adorable!).  So go ahead, "Bee" Yourself.  And while you're at it, express yourself with some Jewel Kade!!

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Simple "Sparrows" from Jewel Kade

Introducing one of my favorite pieces from Jewel Kade:  the antique sparrow necklaces!  They are darling worn by themselves, or add a fun layer when paired with any other Jewel Kade necklace and charm.  The pendant features a sparrow and olive branch, a sophisticated touch of class!

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Know someone getting married? Jewel Kade can help create the perfect gift!

For anyone out there who is married, thinking about getting married, or knows someone who will be married soon, here is a wonderful gift idea for you!!  Jewel Kade has always been all about creating that special keepsake to treasure, and with the Jack Tags, the sky is the limit.  But here's one creative idea:  Put your initials and anniversary (or those of a loved one) and attach a new JK birthstone ring of either your anniversary month, or simply the diamond one as shown above.  It will remind you of the love you share on days you really feel it, and on the days you don't, remind you that those days exist! ;-)
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Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Gold Key from Jewel Kade is all about mixing metals!

If you took a look at this photo and the word "cute" slipped into your sub-conscious even momentarily, they you have felt the power that Jewel Kade's charms have to inspire and uplift!  Janet Kinkade, the designer of Jewel Kade has captured beauty in a truly artistic way, and since each piece is hand-made in the United States, it's a one-of-a-kind item that you can be proud of wearing!  The gold key is one of my personal favorites since it can be worn with a variety of metals and/or pearls.  Throw it on with the layering pearls and perhaps the sienna drop, and you're good to go!  (P.S. you can see the other items I'm talking about at  What are your favorite combinations?

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

You gotta try out layering Jewel Kade!

Layers let you express yourself in a unique, fun, and sassy way!  Get your jewels on and have fun!  Who cares if your hubby calls you a gypsie or starts quoting Mr. T?  You know you got it goin' on, and that's what's important!!! Check out for more inspiration and layering ideas!

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Get charmed this Mother's Day with Jewel Kade!

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to get spoiled.  And to spoil yourself!  Because as a mom, you deserve it.  Doing the hardest work in the world has it's perks sometimes! ;-)  These cute little shadowbox crowns are just about right for the queen in her home.  At $36 a piece, it's the perfect way to say "I Love You."

And don't forget you can win your very own Jewel Kade Mother's Day charm by following me on Twitter!  (@jkruby)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Jewel Kade brings on the bling--and it could be yours!!

They sure make it hard to resist, don't they?  At a reasonable price of only $40, this "Duchess" bracelet will have you sparkly in no time!  Oh. My. Word.  It is HOT!!  To see all Jewel Kade has to offer for a limited time for Mother's Day, click on over to our full online catalog!  Online shopping has never been so fun! :-)
Also:  Enter my second twitter giveaway for a chance to win one of these pictured mother's day charms!!  I'm jkruby, and if you follow and retweet my status, it could be all yours! :-)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Check out Jewel Kade's stellar earrings!

You know about the to die for charms.  You know about the unique chains.  But did you know about the earrings??!  Yes, friends, Jewel Kade's earrings are hip, fun, coordinating, but not so matchy-matchy that it looks like you have no imagination.  And for the lovely price of $16, they're a no-brainer!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Get Personal with Jewel Kade's Fan Club Charms!

Are you a fan of JK but want something a little simpler perhaps?  Check out this lil combo: a Kate stamp with your favorite team name, add a few crystals of the school color, the sport charm, and finish it off with your favorite players number stamped by hand!  It is the perfect way to show your team spirit and make your sportsman feel like you're their biggest fan! See more at

Monday, 14 March 2011

Which Jewel Kade Mother's Day Charm Suits YOU??

Brilliant colors, amazing German glass glitter, sweet phrases that capture motherly love....put 'em together and you have the perfect recipe for a Jewel Kade Mother's Day charm PHENOMENON! :-)

Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved-one or something special for yourself, look no further!

Jewel Kade's designer, Janet Kinkade, just knows how to pack a big punch in something so little and unique!  Check out what the backs say:
Mother:  Living proof that love exists
Sister:  My forever friend
Grandmother:  Legacy of love

I know, I know--they're all so cute, it's hard to choose!!  Whatever you decide, though, you won't regret it, because these are available for a limited time and then they become even more valuable.  Just like your kids.

P.S.  Tweet and follow @jkruby to be entered to win one of these amazing charms!!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Jewel Kade's Wee Shadowbox Charms!

Don't let the size of this picture fool you!  In real life, this is the chunkiest, most adorable size of Jewel Kade charms they have available!! At a pint size of .75 x .75", this lil guy packs a big punch of cuteness!!  There's just something about little things that make us go, "ah, that's so cute!!"  Add that with this color palette, and you've seriously got it made in the accessory department!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Jewel Kade Word Sticks are for Everyone!

Seriously, how can anyone resist giving one of these as a gift?  (any why not include yourself?)
I think the picture speaks for itself, but just in case, let me tell you what's on the back...
giggle/To laugh in a silly, often high-pitched way.
teacher/takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart!
dancing queen/When the music changes, so does the dance.
survivor/A person who continues to prosper in spite of opposition or setbacks.
courage/The spirit that enables a person to face difficulty without fear.
26.2/one more mile

Get em while they're hot at!

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Two Day Signing Incentive with Jewel Kade for Free Charm!

Exciting news - if you've been thinking about joining my team, JK is offering a special incentive - a FREE Just Breathe charm - just for signing on as a Stylist this upcoming Sunday, March 13th and March 14th!

Plus -you're invited to listen to a special JK Opportunity Call hosted by Jewel Kade National Sales Director Ginny Lyke (from good ol' Boise herself!) on Sunday evening too!

ABOUT THE FREE CHARM: Those who sign on as a JK Stylist Sunday, March 13, 12:00 am ET, through Monday, March 14, 11:59 pm ET, will receive the Just Breathe charm free, just for signing! (The charm will be included in the Stylist Kit when it is shipped.)

ABOUT THE CALL: National Sales Director Ginny Lyke will present JK's lucrative business opportunity and why NOW is the perfect time to join JK!

DATE: Sunday, Mar. 13

TIME: 9:00 pm ET (8:00 pm CT, 7:00 pm MT, 6:00 pm PT)

DIAL-IN #: 1-712-432-3066 1-712-432-3066

CODE: 869318

I want to share the JK Love with you!  Joining Jewel Kade has been one of the best and most rewarding choices I have made!  To see the full catalog, check out!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

FACT: Moms love Jewel Kade!

Jewel Kade Celebrates Motherhood!!
Shadow box charms are all the rage--look and feel regal while wearing these cute lil (.75"x1") crowns!  In 4 colors and sayings, there's one sure to suit your fancy!
"Make a Wish" (like dinner would magically appear)
"My Fairytale Life" (somedays read sarcastically!)
"Happily Ever After" (when the kids are asleep)
"Oh So Lovely" (a clean house before the kids get home from school)
And finally--word sticks with Grandmas and Sisters in mind! These 3 styles come in either gold or lavendar glass glitter--love it!!
Mother--living proof that love exists
Grandmother--legacy of love
Sister--my forever friend
Also, see that cute purple heart?  That's the "Grace" charm--a snazzy size at 1.25x1.75--complete with bodangles at the bottom to give it that bling we all love!
I save the best for last:  Introducing the dutchess bracelet and mini birthstone rings!  I can't decide which I like the most!!  The bracelet is in a word:  AMAZING and only $40!!  The minirings come in 12 colors for each month and can be worn on almost any existing chain--all for $12 each!  Or, if you have unusually skinny fingers, that would also work....:)

Monday, 7 March 2011

New Mother's Day charms from Jewel Kade!

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come this Mother's Day from Jewel Kade!!!  All items will be available for purchase March 15--so exciting!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Introducing Jewel Kade drops and coordinating earrings!

Newsflash: Jewel Kade is more than just charms and chains!!  The new catalog features 5 "drops" with coordinating earrings.  They are so much fun to throw on alongside a charm, or add to any existing necklace you already own.  They come in all sorts of fun colors and the earrings all have the unique "JK flavor" to them!  Jewel Kade truly has something for everyone! :-)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Jewel Kade makes me "giggle!"

Have you ever "laughed in a silly, often high-pitched way"?  Then you've giggled.  Come giggle with me tonight as I host my first ever hostess appreciation party!  Even if you don't fancy yourself as a Jewel Kade fanatic, just getting out for some good ol' fashioned girl time and giggling together does wonders for the soul!!! I hope to see you there! (My place at 7 pm.)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It's time! First Annual Hostess Appreciation Party is Tomorrow!!

 I have been looking forward to this party since just about the day I joined Jewel Kade last March!  I wanted to come up with an annual event that would celebrate not only my year mark, but more especially thank everyone who so graciously invited me to their home and helped me build my business.  And it's finally here!!  I have got my display ready, and my calendar is OPEN for business!  There will be giveaways galore, in true Sarah fashion--I love spoiling my hostesses with Jewel Kade!
 One lucky guest with the most tickets will go home with all the hostess rewards from that evening's purchases--so get your wishlist ready!  You determine your destiny, and the easiest way to WIN is to BRING FRIENDS!!!  (Get 50 tickets per friend!)  I love introducing people to Jewel Kade for the first time and seeing their reactions, and there's a special giveaway just for newbies--your friends will love it!
So, my place, 6:30--BE THERE! :-)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Jewel Kade's New Spring Catalog Debuts TODAY!!

I am going to keep this short and sweet so you have more time to browse the new catalog!  Here's the skinny:  The new catalog has 50 newly designed pieces by Janet Kinkade seriously to die for.  You gotta see it to believe it, so go to RIGHT NOW!!!