You gotta admit, it's gorgeous!!


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jewel Kade's National Launch Begins!!!

Today is July 1, marking a historic day in JK history! Their newest catalog is hot off the press, their new dazzling charms are on the market and their full compensation plan is in effect!

I am so excited!!!

One of the niftiest things about it is, that if you were never a "at-home party gal" before, you don't have to be anymore to get your hands on their hip, chic, adorable product. It's now available to order right at your fingertips online. You don't have to live in Boise, or even remotely close! Here's the scoop:

1. Go to (you'll need my stylist #1403) Or you can just click on the sidebar on the picture of the bracelet...
2. Browse through their to die for charms and chains.
3. Place a Jewel Kade order and have it shipped directly to YOU!
4. Wear it, and repeat steps 1-4 at your heart's content!

Let me know what you think about their new product--I heart Jewel Kade!