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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mystery Hostess Event! Earn Free JK!

Let's face it--we all want the hostess rewards without putting in the effort of hosting.  Now you can have your jewelry and wear it too!  Without even lifting a finger to dust or prepare bon-bons, you can participate in the mystery hostess event and potentially win the mother load of JK!!!  Here's how:

1.  Go to and create your wishlist.
2.  Order any or all from said list and get one entry for each $25 spent.  NOTE:  you do not need to live near me to do this!!!  Have jewelry, will ship!
3.  Look at list and realize "Maybe I should book my own party afterall to get the rest of this for free." and get 5 more entries when you book a party (or catalog party for you out of staters) in July or August.
4.  At 10pm Friday the 15th, the winner will be drawn and notified!

NOTE:  All orders placed Monday thru Wednesday will get 10% off their order.  All orders placed Thursday or Friday will get free shipping.  All orders placed BEFORE Monday will get double entries!!!!

This is a GREAT way to get some fabulous stuff for free--my last mystery hostess got over $300 for doin' nuthin'!

RETIRING ITEMS (in photo):
Be inspired, black and white peace, Emma, Garden Girl, Glamour Girl, Glitter Cross, Glitter Rose, Gold Stitched Heart, Just Breathe, London, Nadya Zodiac (all), Orange peace (small and large), Skinny Stick, crown earrings, crystal teardrop, JK original necklace (hostess gift), Pearl drop (both lengths), stamped initial earrings.